Resources and Recomendations

Our focus is building PBNs, the best ones on the market, but we’re always asked about hosting and domains. So we’ve put together a list of providers that we’ve worked over the years. If you’re looking for PBN hosting and domains, these are places to get them.

PBN Hosting

PBN Domains

PBN Hosting

Bulk Buy Hosting

If you’re looking for a service that lets you host your sites on multiple shared accounts, with cPanels, unique IPs and nameservers, BBH is the perfect solution for you. We host a lot of our PBNs with them, and we’re very happy with how everything is setup, their dashboard and support.


This service is provided by the same owners of Bulk Buy Hosting, however the hosting setup is slightly different. The PBNs are all physically hosted on VPS servers, and have their IPs and Nameservers masked by popular CDN solutions, like Cloudflare, Amazon CloudFront, and more. Still a developing product, but a great option as well!

PBN Domains

Alex Drew

If you’re looking for high quality domains, with great links, and link juice, Alex can help you out. He’ll work with you to find the best domains for your niche and provide you with a great service for a very good price. These are non-dropped domains, usually bought through auctions and backorders, so expect to pay a minimum of $100/domain. (Skype: Alex_PBNSolutions)

SEO.Domains by Tool.Domains

This service, provided by Kalin, is an amazing option if you’re looking for ccTLD domains. They have a huge database of domains, which they’ll send to your email if you signup on their website. Great domains, for a very reasonable price if you aren’t too picky about getting a .com!

Dominating PBNs

Their marketplace offers really powerful domains, with contextual backlinks from high authority sites. Probably the most expensive of the 4 recommendations. But it’s definitely worth it if you have the budget.

TB Solutions

TB has been around for years, providing SEO domains for thousands of clients. They have a nice marketplace that you can signup to, and start screening and buying some of their domains. We’re very happy with the domains that we bought from TB Solutions.

Premium Domain Names UK

Premium Domain Names UK

If you’re looking for UK-only domains, reach out to Matt at Premium Domain Names. He provides high-quality domains that are perfect if you’re targeting the UK market. These aren’t just used for PBNs though! If you’re looking for great brand-able domains, he can help you out as well.

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