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Our Local Site Service

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Premium Design

A professionally designed that is designed for the user will help build more credibility, improve your user experience and ultimately convert better.

Engaging Copy

Having engaging content that is created not only with the search engines in mind, but also focused on the user will help build trust with clients.


All of our websites come with on-page optimization, including but not limited to a clean URL structure, meta data, alt tags, and mobile-friendly design.


Here’s some information about our prices during launch

  • Local

  • Premium Web Design
  • WordPress Premium Theme
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly
  • Content (Service Pages and Posts)
  • Custom Logo
  • Media Content
  • On-Page SEO
  • Schema JSON Implemented
  • Speed and Performance Optimization
  • Kraken and Image Optimization Integrated
  • Cloudflare Integration and Optimization
  • Clicky.com Integrated
  • Security Setup
  • Persona Creation
  • Lead Magnet + Auto Emails
  • Full Account + Content Strategy Report
  • Estimated Delivery

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Main Features

Some of the main features of our local sites

Unique Content

Our local sites are created with hand-written content by native English speakers. We check every piece of content against billions of web pages to ensure their originality.

Clicky Analytics

Every local site that we build comes with Clicky Analytics integrations so you can track your visitors for free through their dashboard.

On-Page SEO

A strong on-page optimization will help you with all of your link building and off-page SEO efforts. Our sites have a clean URL structure and all the necessary meta data.

Security Setup

WordPress is constantly attacked by hackers, we implement some security measures to try and prevent your brand-new site from being hacked.

Speed Optimization

No one wants to browse a slow and buggy site that barely loads. We build a clean website with code and image optimization to maximize its performance.

Full Report

We provide a full report with all of the accounts created, content strategy and URL structure used. This will help you take maximum advantage of your new site.

Sample Site

Here’s one of our samples sites

Web Design and Custom Graphics

A website with great user experience and interface will improve your credibility and allow you to build an authority brand online. Our websites are professionally designed with modern UI and custom designed graphics.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

In 2017, you can’t have a website that isn’t responsive and fits well with all mobile devices. There’s no point in having multiple versions of your website when you can have a professionally designed responsive site that fits every screen.

Call-to-Actions Buttons

If you’re looking to maximize your lead conversion rates, having the right call-to-actions and buttons in the places where the visitors tend to see them the most, will help you generate more email and call leads.

Schema JSON Implementation

Structured data helps the search engines read your website and identify the location, purpose of the business, opening hours, reviews, and so on. In addition, it will also help you show additional elements to the search results page, increasing CTR.

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Local Site Setup

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