PBN Setup Services for Agencies and Affiliates

Take your Private Blog Network to the next level with real-looking sites that you get you faster rankings!

Our PBN Service

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Rank your websites higher in the search engines with PBNs that not only have great content, but also a design that stands out from the rest of them.


Having a great design goes a long way when it comes to passing manual reviews. A lot of PBNs have very little design and custom graphics added to them, making them more vulnerable.


Owning your PBN gives you full control over your link building timings, anchor texts, and allows you to keep testing and improving your SEO efforts on a regular basis.

Our Packages

Here’s an outline of all our PBN packages

  • PBN Setup

  • WordPress Unique Theme Selection
  • WordPress Design and Customization
  • Custom Logo and Graphics
  • Unique Content
  • Content Scheduled (3-4 months)
  • Languages
  • Basic On-Page SEO
  • Media Content
  • Random Plugin Selection
  • Auto Generated Legal Pages
  • Block Bots
  • Old URL Structure
  • 5-7 Social Profiles
  • Security Upgrade Setup
  • Fake Blog Comments
  • Rebuild Archive Pages
  • Estimated Delivery

Our Process

Here’s how we build PBNs that look like “real” sites


Step 1 – Order

Once we receive an order, we gather all the necessary information to get started with the site setups. This will ensure that the entire order is taken care of as fast as possible without any delays. In order to get started, we need to be provided with the domain and WordPress logins.


Step 2 – Planning

After gathering all the details, we add the new PBNs to our development queue, and start planning the entire structure of your sites. We have over 50 different variables that we use to randomize every setup as much as possible. Those are all randomly selected by our system before getting started with the manual work.


Step 3 – Content

This is arguably the most important part of our process. Having a great design is very important, but we need to make sure the content of your network is adding value to the search engines users. We create content from scratch, hand-written by professional writers, and relevant to the niche of your private blog network sites.


Step 4 – Design and Development

Our design/development is what sets us apart. We treat PBNs like “real sites”, and real sites in 2018 have a great user experience, responsive to different devices, and a modern interface. This is an important part of our process that helps our clients pass manual reviews.


Step 5 – Quality Control

As you start seeing some of the sites “ready” they may still have to pass our quality control and assurance team. This is a crucial part of our process that allows us to avoid mistakes as much as possible and make sure we’re following the client guidelines and our planning specifications.


Step 6 – Reporting and Delivery

Once all the PBNs have been reviewed, we put together the final report and deliver the order. Our clients have access to all the information they need to start managing their PBNs and get to testing and/or linking right away.

Our Demos

We are some examples of our PBN setups

Home Builder Magazine


One of our premium magazine PBNs in the home niche. Several posts, different media content, banner ads, social media pages and more.

Personal Finance Today


Another premium magazine PBN, this one in the personal finance niche. Different theme, also responsive with content, images and videos all branded and relevant to the niche.

Health & Fitness


One of our standard blog PBNs in the health and fitness niche, with about 1,500 words of content, a responsive design, and some advertising banners.

Blue Ocean Photography


One of our standard hybrid PBNs in the photography niche. Get a business-like website with full posts on the home page with our hybrid setup.

Main Features

Some of the main features of our PBNs

Modern Design

Our setups are built on free WordPress themes, customized and edited by our design and development team, giving it an authentic look.

On-Page SEO

A well-optimized PBN will allow you to maximize your link building results. We add alt-tags to your images, meta titles, descriptions and interlink relevant posts and pages


For an additional fee we now support additional languages, you’ll get unique content on your PBNs with your language of choice, with auto-translated legal pages/widget areas.

Content (with Scheduling Option)

Our content is written from scratch and can also be scheduled depending on the setup we’re working with. Scheduling will ensure you get more posts auto-posted over time.

Security Upgrade Setup

WordPress is constantly attacked by hackers, we implement some security measures to try and prevent your brand-new site from being hacked.

Social Profiles

Having social profiles where you can share your new posts with the world will give more authenticity to your private blog network. They will all be branded to your new PBN.